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AJ Tatum Digital’s success depends on achieving my client’s goals and providing an amazing service. In keeping with my commitment to providing excellent customer service and help, I will continue to be available to you after I have finished our engagement.

I have worked with AJ for many years on multiple projects. He always brings an innovative mind and professional approach to his projects and clients. Any business would benefit from partnering with AJ Tatum Digital.
Tony Tsonis
Anthony Tsonis
Director of Digital Marketing
AJ is a technical powerhouse who really understands people and their needs. His energy, creativity and care combine with an extensive array of skills and experience to delivery solid results every time, and he is a true pleasure to work with!
Jon Shinn
Jon Shinn
Business Intelligence Consultant
In the world of the interwebz, Andrew (AJ) is 95% zOMG and only 5% n00b (we can’t all be perfect). And if you don’t know what that means, then you should contact him. Seriously. Right now. Stop reading this review and email him.

Did you? Because it’s rare that you’ll find a more thoughtful technology expert. He’s intellectually curious beyond belief. It’s the Andrew’s of the world that actually make technology work. So stop reading this and contact him. Still here?

Ok, he’s dedicated beyond belief. When we worked together, I asked for him to build stuff we’d never seen before. Overnight. And he’d deliver. You need to talk to this guy. Just trust me.
Brandon Hartman
Brandon Hartman
Marketing, Advertising, & Social Media Consultant
AJ did an amazing job building my business website from scratch. He also made sure to create it using the keywords related to my industry. I highly recommend him!
Alvaro Toledo
Alvaro Toledo
Small Business Owner, Acupuncture Physician

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