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Marketing automation is a powerful tool that can help you increase your leads, sales and have more engaging customer relationships.

Marketing automation can help businesses grow by integrating different digital channels such as your website, email, and social media. It can also automate repetitive tasks that may hold your business’s growth. Automation can allow you to focus on strategy, creativity, and innovation while marketing automation handles the execution.

Additionally, implementing marketing automation can also improve your customer’s experience with your business and online presence. According to Statista, 43% of marketers say the biggest benefit of marketing automation is improving the customer experience.

I help you connect all your digital channels, automate your customer journeys, and take care of any hurdles that are holding you back to focus on growth.

Your ActiveCampaign Consultant in Fairfax, VA

ActiveCampaign provides CRM, marketing automation, and sales software that can help you get organized, manage your leads, and identify new opportunities.

We offer free trainings and will work with you to integrate ActiveCampaign into your business for your marketing automation so you can:

  • Use customized response forms to generate new leads
  • Develop relationships with these leads by using automated sequences
  • Maximize customer value with precisely targeted marketing
  • Build a sales funnel for converting prospects into customers and advocates
  • Streamline key processes in your business to free up more time

Read our blog post, “How To Achieve Marketing Automation Success with ActiveCampaign” to learn more about how ActiveCampaign can help you.

AJ Tatum Digital is an ActiveCampaign Partner

How AJ Tatum Digital Can Help You With ActiveCampaign Integration

How AJ Tatum Digital Can Help You With ActiveCampaign Integration

Payment Tools Integration

Connect your ActiveCampaign with any third-party payment tools, such as Stripe and PayPal. It’s fast, easy, and requires zero input from you. In addition, all your platforms will talk to each other so you can easily handle subscriptions, one-time charges, and payment plans.

Automation Setup

Create automated email sequences to nurture leads based on their website activities or generate and track tasks for the sales team. Just provide the content, and we will build the automation for you! Scale-up your business via automation. Get marketing tasks done faster.

Automation Troubleshooting

If you have existing automations that aren’t working right, send me the details on how to replicate the issue and what you’d like it to be doing instead. We will fix it for you in no time.

One-Off Campaign Scheduling

Not every email should be automated. Thus, if you need to send out a one-off campaign, we can build and schedule it to reach your target audience.

Sales Pipeline Setup

If you need a new pipeline set up to track your deals, sales, and contracts, we can help! Track all stages of your sales process & leave no leads hanging.

eCommerce Data Integration

Setup deep data integrations with your favorite eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce for better segmentation.

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