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About AJ Tatum Digital...

AJ Tatum Digital is based out of Fairfax, VA, and was launched with an idea in May 2021 by, you guessed it, AJ Tatum. He envisioned that startups and small businesses should be able to leverage the appropriate technologies to generate more traffic, leads, and revenue from their digital presence.

The success of your business is my primary aim. He is not just another digital consultant asking, “what do you want?” and then implementing solutions that may not be appropriate for your business.

Instead, he is a specialist who recognizes the internet as a valuable tool to help you achieve your various business goals. He has the experience and knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t.

Taking the Idea of Digital Consulting a Step Further

AJ is not just another digital consultant; he is a digital presence strategist. That means he helps you with your entire digital presence by giving your highly researched recommendations for the best digital marketing & web services you should focus on.

If you encounter any issues during your digital marketing campaigns or web development rollouts, AJ Tatum Digital will be there to straighten things out for you.

Think of him as an extension of your marketing or IT department. He’ll work with your ideas, concerns, and suggestions so that the digital marketing process or web technologies we implement are ones you’re happy with.

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How to Get Started with AJ Tatum Digital

Step 1

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Schedule your free, no-obligation virtual consultation. There is also a contact form on the site that you can fill out and AJ will get back to you within 1-2 business days. During our consultation, he will ask probing questions about your goals, ideas, suggestions, and address answer any concerns you may have.

Step 2

Receive Your Estimate

AJ will present you with a quote according to the services or help you need. He provides a wide range of services which he will take you through to choose what he suggests is best for your business goals.

Step 3

Develop Your Strategy

Once we agree on the estimate & sign an agreement, AJ will start by developing a step-by-step strategy with you on how to implement the services you've requested. He will consider your overall vision and goals and present his strategy to you.

Step 4

Grow Your Online Presence

After developing your strategy, AJ Tatum Digital will get to work on growing your digital presence! AJ will not only implement his services but also continually improve and apply routine maintenance and tools for your site (if that's part of the agreement). He will help you look forward, be consistent across all digital channels, and carefully monitor the services he implements for your business.

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AJ Tatum

A Short Bio of AJ Tatum...

AJ Tatum is a techie turned techpreneur. He has a passion for helping people, communities, and businesses gain control of their digital destiny.

He’s helped dozens of startups & small businesses build their business using various web technologies, digital marketing tools, and growth hacking techniques.

Basically, he loves making things work and work well. He’s a jack of all trades, master of none because he doesn’t want to be.

AJ has spent a lifetime building, breaking, and fixing things online, with a passion for emerging technology. He’s never been shy about trying new and exciting things.

At his heart, he’s a teacher who loves to see people grow and develop.

Oh, and he’s also a huge Marvel Comics fan.

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